The laughter of the child brightens the world.

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For a world
where every child smiles

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I want to study to my heart's content

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Child Scholarship

Building Educational Facilities

Support for educational facilities and equipment to ensure the education and safety of children
who are exposed to unsafe conditions such as a natural disaster and a war
Support for Education Operation
- Support for School : Supporting the educational program, the capacity-building of teachers.
and school meals so that children can grow appropriately according to the stages of child development.

- Support for the community child education centers and the libraries :
Supporting the community child education centers and the libraries
that can provide basic education and after-school care to the children of poor families and the outside of school children

- Support for Minority : Giving opportunities of education and healthy development to children who are excluded from the right to education because of a broken family, disability, a disease, an ethnic minority, a civil war, etc