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You need the world village to raise a child
There is a old saying that you need a village to raise a child
I do not think you need the whole village if you intent to just cloth and feed a child.
But if you want to raise the kid to be a person you need to teach him/her to share, care about others and learn that you need cooperation and not competition in this world.

Those lessons cannot be done in simple words.
One need to embrace it in his life and body.
That is why I think you need to raise children in a village that cares and you would need a village to raise a child that way.

Now the whole world seems like a village.
We see starving kids in poverty every day.
We see kids who do not have change to better them self because they do not have a chance of education.
If you consider all those children to be your own and truly care about their future, your children can learn to think them as their own sibling and at that point your own kids can truly be raised as a world citizen.

president Kim Joseph Youngouk